Wrist malas - Full set of 4 silver mantras

$310.00 USD $365.00 USD

The full set of 4 mantras are 'this too shall pass', 'everyday grateful', let it be, let it go', and 'peace begins with me'. 

The complete collection is $310. rather than $365. in silver



The wrist malas are lava, once active molten lava is a great calming stone that helps us bounce back from challenges. It imbues strength and courage. Lava also acts as a great essential oil diffuser. Put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the stones, it’s porousness will allow you to enjoy the effect for the day.

Shungite ~ Scientists have discovered “fullerenes” in shungite, which have remarkable properties. Among them, fullerenes boost the regenerative ability of human tissue and influence the exchange of neurotransmitters, which can improve a person’s resistance to stress. Shungite is considered one of the most important stones to put in your healing pouch. It is up to 98% carbon and can work as a shield from electromagnetic radiation. 

Silver - is a great conduit and works well enhancing the properties of the stones.

Copper - is a trace mineral that supports circulation, rheumatoid arthritis and many other ailments. 

Brass - is a combination of copper and zinc and is good for the immune system

** Please note that these bracelets are made for an average wrist size. If you feel your wrist is bigger or smaller than average, please add a note at the checkout for us to have a bead or two added/ removed. Thank you! **

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