The only true necessity to mindfulness is befriending your breath like your life depends on it.

It seems like the world is getting more and more stressed and we’re forgetting to breathe until we can no longer think. The greatest tool to de-stressing our lives is to breathe deeply, rhythmically, intentionally until we become one with it, our bodies and our gratitude.

I founded Mindful Necessities as a dedication to support education in mindful practice and meditation foremost; to become a world that finds happiness through inquiry and wholeness.

There is chaotic and frenetic energy that many of us wake up to every day and it’s good to be reminded that it coexists with peace and beauty everywhere and all the time. Mindful Necessities create articles and lead retreats that remind you to go there.  See the best in the best, see the best in the worst. I am personally very grateful to have something tangible to hang on to that can help me focus and feel centred in my life. I’m not saying I live without struggles and suffering. I suffer just like everyone, and when I do, I am grateful to be wearing beautiful tools that can help me reflect on healing what has become imbalanced. I make sure that whether I’m at home or on the road I always have a sacred space that invites me to sit and expand my meditation practice. More often than not I’ll wear a mala that holds my intention, a spinning meditation ring that soothes my nerves or a piece of jewellery with an engraved poetic message that helps me reflect on what I need to see.

We work with that objective in the studio for you as well.  All these touchstones are created with the highest intention, integrity and sustainability possible. Everything is priced according to our investment of material, time and energy. I hope you can find what you need, if and when you need it to feel ignited in your heart centre and your purpose.

Knowing how important resetting is to to find our centre, I do regular retreats. Finding balance with our body, mind and spirit is critical for our health and any sense of peace.

Like a computer, we can get away with putting it in sleep mode then reopen it to all the tabs we’ve been working on. Sometimes you need to close every window and shutdown completely. We are just the same. When we step out of the patterns of our daily lives we are far more able to see ourselves completely and objectively and can better align what is imbalanced. Three years ago I started taking small groups on retreat with me in aim to do exactly that. Find your joy.

From my heart to yours, stay blessed.


Founder Mindful Necessities

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