Peace Eternal mala

$165.00 USD

A mala is an ancient meditation tool to count and follow our breath, to chant with or pray. It helps us quiet the mental chatter, focus and bring attention to our minds and have a keen appreciation for all that is. Like anything, with repeated use it takes on the memory of one’s intention, thus becoming sacred. When a dharma (translated loosely as the way of natural order) tool becomes sacred it helps us find our inner peace. We are never too young or too old to be still, to meditate, pray or find our inner calm. Wearing a mala is a way to add beauty and meaning to your life, and is a functional and beautiful reminder to become more mindful.

The Peace Eternal malas are made of wood, onyx and custom designed pewter beads. The pause beads hold the tree of life and the Buddha guru bead has engraved in the back 'peace eternal'.  May we all know this phrase intimately

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