The Signature Collection

X (Silver)

$107.00 USD

This sterling silver X ring has an 18kt ball on the top. 
X is the crossroads of four directions that merge in a central point and time. It marks a moment most worthy of attaining our full attention. • It is where the invite to create happens. • It reminds me to align in this very place in time •  It is where all things are possible •  It calls me back to the here and now •  It marks whatever I need to catch myself on, be it a reminder for change, an affirmation of a promise or a devotion. 

X is the entry point to this very moment where we can accept ourselves as we are and where we are. A reminder to be kind and gentle with ourselves and not feed our fears but rather our courage. A mark of willingness to accept life with a gentle spirit, regardless of what shows up. 

Wearing these X rings will mark that we showed up in this very moment in history. We did not hide from strange and difficult moments, scary and tender, isolating and heart warming, destructive and creative. We are not hiding in the past or hiding  from the future. This time which is our time has made us all seekers of truth. And we are looking inward more for answers than ever before.   

This ring prompts me to be wide awake and fully present to all there is to be grateful for, and carry out our presence on the earth from deep within the soul we were born to live out.

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