Words that Heal.. the launch

by 3 June 22, 2013

Ahh, Birth..Words That Heal. 
3 Artists and Visionaries
Dedicated to the Connection, Joy and Healing in the Oneness of Us all
Naomi Assenheim, Founder of Opal Wing Creations creates with the gifts of gemsèle Theriault, Founder of The Barber’s Daughters
dedicated to embodied word
Chantal Garneau, Healer, Reiki Master and Visionary
Gentle Healer and Light Worker..
First Collaboration
Words and Stones that Heal…
4 limited edition pieces of Wearable Art and Medicine
To be Launched this coming week at the amazing Grail Lady Faire
If any of these beauties speak to you, Please contact me.
We are off to the Grail in two days, heart and soul ready…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
By the time we realize that there really isn't a dress rehearsal, the pictures of our lives travel before our eyes at the speed of light. What if we can learn to replace our critical perception and judgement to sheer observation, with the reminder to simply exhale and let go of the attachment to outcome? Perhaps we stand a chance of adding enough love and kindness to our lives to slow the clock down or even arrive with the ability to be truly present.
From that place of observation lies an invitation to notice the language we live by, to ourselves and others. If negative words take something away from us, positive words must be a gift. If harsh words make us want to retreat into a cave, kind words must nurture a blossoming of curiosity and growth. Though our woven and even tangled interconnectedness with all life, the blossoming effects the entire garden. It is our wish that in the season of our lives, generosity, forgiveness, gratitude and understanding are first to mind. Words that heal, heal your life. your G



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