The World is Full of Wonder

by 3 August 02, 2012

Greetings friends and supporters,
How's your summer going? I hope you're gifting yourself a little 'just me' time to dance solo or sing solo, or laugh aloud in a good book. We seem to all do so much these days.
This will probably be the last notice you'll get from me for a couple of weeks. If you're on the east coast or know people that are, please share the dates.
Carrie and her gallery 'Frida' are extraordinary. I'm delighted to be there and will feature all our silver and gold collection.
Trunk Show Exhibit
Frida Gallery
Bishop's Landing 6A 1477 Lower Water Street, Halifax
Friday, Aug 3,  4 pm - 9
Sat Aug 4, 11 -4
The playful Heart in the Hand collaborative with Kate Church is developing beautifully. A creative dance with treasures of our 2 studios of 20 years. Every piece is numbered,
signed and seen by the humming birds and deer in the woodlands all around us.
We'll unveil next Wednesday.
Aphrodite Art and Fashion
292 Main Street, Antigonish
Nova Scotia
Wed eve, Aug 8
Chester Art Fair Chester Art Centre, 60 Queen Street, Chester Nova Scotia
Sat, Aug 11, 9am - 3pm
If I don't see you somewhere along the way, take time to breathe. The world is full of wonder. sending love, Gisele



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we are always on route yet perfect where we are

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