the most powerful B list | Sale of heart

the most powerful B list | Sale of heart

Here in India, the panchakarma is going well, although during the detox process of this lots of things arise on an emotional and mental level. Agitations of every imaginable form, the heat, the attitudes in touristy towns, the limitations on food you want to eat. Wow, it’s harder to let go than you think. Frustrations seem to arise over very little, It’s amazing to feel the body, mind and spirit working hard to realign to optimum capacity.

Someone once asked a friend who was really sick if they really wanted to let go of what made them sick. This stuck with me. The things that make us sick aren’t always the obvious things we don’t want to have in our lives or are things we don't think we are capable to let go of. We hang on to mental formations that make us suffer because they are serving another purpose. Even if its blinding us from seeing a truth in our authentic selves that would set us free from the vicious cycle.

Last night was rather sleepless, for no apparent reason, other than clearing. The frustrated mind that wants to sleep can travel down many dark, cloudy or polluted alleys. Why not be awake manifesting visions and dreams of joyful awakening. Almost to a humorous end. My greatest demon from years of being an entrepreneur and a mother of three would be to feel overwhelmed by the to do lists. My mind compartmentalizes by lists automatically.

Last night in my sleeplessness I exercised creating a BE list. It may not have helped me sleep but it helped me be present and grateful. Do you make lists? Do you organize yourself this way? There is something very freeing about making a list because when it comes time it allows you to ease on the mind and execute the tasks at hand. Now imagine that the most important and powerful list of the day is the BE list. Create it before the to DO list and feel what unfolds. When you create your lists or make notes, allow the vow of the BE list to be the overtone. I'd love to know if you feel a shift of energy like I am. 

My to be list started with seven values I aspire to, like.. 
to be grateful for the opportunity of another day,
to pursue being wide awake and fully present,
to be authentic with my core self,
to be humble to life’s gifts, 
to be generous when in doubt, 
to be kind to others and the environment,
to be an advocate for change.

On a daily bases I've decided that three qualities is my auspicious number, easier to remember and perhaps it will influence me to only put three things in the to do list as well. One of tomorrow's prompts is to be patient. ;)

February is the month of heart. Although I'm never very interested in Hallmark holidays, the history of Valentine is worth hearing and any excuse to honour love is worth the dance of time. 

The popular belief about St Valentine is that he was a priest from Rome in 269 AD. Emperor Claudius II in power at that time had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers. Valentine felt this was unfair, so he broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret before men went to war. When Claudius found out, Valentine was thrown in jail and sentenced to death.

There, he fell in love with a blind girl who was the jailer's daughter. He sent her a sonnet created out of violets as there was no writing utensils in those days. Shortly thereafter he was executed by clubbing. They killed the man but not the spirit. Even centuries later St Valentine's self sacrificing commitment to love was legendary in Rome. He was deemed a saint and Valentine's Day continues. 

Love is an act of heart and you don't have to be with a partner to live it fully.  Love is a practice and a gift that benefits every area of our life. The act of love makes the heart swell with gratitude and can be directed not just anywhere but everywhere.

Look at nature, the trees, the oceans and rivers, the mineral kingdom, the elements, all keep offering prana (life force) that is pure love. How often do you walk in nature and the wandering mind is brought back to the present moment with a heart image. Maybe a heart shaped rock, a leaf, a formation in a trees roots system. It can be anything and the minute you notice it you come back to the heart. Like a mindful-heartful nudge, and it makes you smile. How beautiful.

We once went on a mission on the shores of Nova Scotia beach lines to collect heart shaped rocks and from it we created a collection of pendants in silver, bronze, copper and pewter.

Until February 14th we will have 20% off the HEARTROCK collection to honour the mindful act of living out of heart and St Valentine for his courageous commitment to love.
Visit and use the code shareaheart at checkout.

Please stay in touch.. Sending love, a lotus and a smile from the exquisite Mother India,


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