The 2011 Black Ball, NY

November 07, 2011 1 Comment

The Black Ball.. 
often called the best party in New York.

Outside Keep A Child Alive headquarters with Naren,
KCA's wonderful India representative I met while there this summer.
This was his first journey to America.

The Mucalinda unisex silver serpent bracelet is
finally complete and feels great.What makes it so significant?

A bird's eye view of the night that not only raised 3,000,000
but Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Usher name a few
honored George Harrison and the
40 years anniversary of the concert for Bangladesh..

One of the amazing encounters during my trip to India with Leigh, her son India and Noelle
from KCA this summer was meeting Munnu, a world class designer from the Gem Palace in Jaipur.
He cut this 66 carat ruby to my specs for this event then donated it.
It was auctioned in a package called The Jewel in the Crown that went for 19,500.


G with the charming Terria Joseph. Terria is the first to lead people to their feet 
with her great spirit when the music starts...

Behind the scenes, post concert- Alicia Keys and Olivia Harrison.

G and Alicia.
I'm sure I was an Indian princess before.. It was so comfortable! ;-)

Until next time..
I remain, dedicated to illuminating the beauty I see within the depth of the hearts I meet.

with warmth and gratitude, always

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October 25, 2016

How special to know about your collaboration and your gift.

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