March 15, 2011

S I L V E R prices
up 106% since last year ! !

When you think of a jewelry line like ours, since we've never been known to
skimp on content and offer a veneer then silver hikes
106% over last year, you'd say yikes ! or shite ! right? Yup!

Honestly, I've been panicking a bit at the restrictions this hike will force
upon all of us. Panicked enough to research more and have come to some resolve..
even if it stings a little on the front end.

It makes total sense that it has some catching up to do.
In precious metals- Gold, Silver Platinum.. silver has been modest in it's climb,
until now.

Silver is a precious metal and an investment better than the dollar.
* * *

Because we love you..
our studio will continue to sell the already made work
at 2010 prices until we have to restock.

If you have your eye on something, get it soon and count your savings.

and a l w a y s . . count your blessings.

sending love G


I remain committed to illuminating the beauty I see in all the people I meet.

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