retreats are on for 2022

January 02, 2022

retreats are on for 2022

New beginnings are so pregnant with an invitation for change that you can feel it in the air. Historically, a new year also attracted setting big goals and resolutions that very often ended up on a perfect collision course with life. I think if anything good has come out of this two years of a pandemic, it’s not setting our goals too high. We have been gifted a realization that we are not in control of how life unfolds. Plant a seed and let it germinate in its own time. Trust and surrender. I think we are all learning how to be present with what is, now more than ever.  I really feel in my bones that we are at the beginning of the end of the pandemic as we’ve known it. It isn’t likely to go away any time soon, but I think we are leaning to live with it more and more.

I am entering a personal retreat tomorrow, and in the planning I was filled with how necessary and medicinal it is to give ourselves the opportunity to reboot, and regroup what’s important at our core. 

When I was in Ireland in November to clear out the retreat treasures that have been stored in the fabulous house, now that is on the market, I was filled with gratitude for all the experiences we had there. When the owner told me that they won’t close until the end of 2022, I asked what dates were available for a retreat in the Spring. Only one week was available. Zowie, the house is booked solid. The same with Villa Tereze in Italy. Besides the week I booked last year to replace what would have taken place in 2020, they are completely booked. This is giving me the confidence to invite you to join me.

The retreat at the Orchard House in Ballyvaughan may be the last, as we don’t know the house’s future. So I am super stoked to host people there one more time. It’s a wonderful spacious house and the retreat will be limited to 10 people. The retreat is booked for May 1 - 7th. You can visit the website for more info and if you’re interested, email me for the full brochure and an application 

As my retreats are small, they are by invite. The application asks for a small paragraph of yourself and why you’d like to come. This helps me ensure the best experience for everyone. Knowing the company we keep can exponentially enhance what we are able to take away.

I will run both Italy and Ireland at the same prices of 2020. 


Ireland.. May 1 - 7, 2022


The Italy retreat is in the hills of Le Marche, where we will unravel our busyness and delve into the taste of a slow movement. From meditation to yoga and qigong, from sourcing our food to outdoor dining with a culinary twist. The Le Marche region is rolling hills of orchards and constant vineyards spotted with historical hill top cities. It’s a neighbouring regions to Tuscany, yet far from the tourist buses and souvenir stores.

One of my focuses for this retreat will be to experience food as directly from the source as the sun and rain nourish the soil. To see deeply into this extraordinary sustenance that we get to share. Again with only ten people. You can get a better taste on the website If you are then interested, contact me and I’ll send you the brochure and application. 

So if you are not ready or able to join me, I really hope you will honour yourself with a retreat in any capacity available to you. Even days of digital detox, hot showers and a good book can help replenish us.

Until next time.. be filled with love, a lotus and a smile


IMG_3069 2.jpeg

Italy May 23 - 29, 2022


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