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November 24, 2019

It seems where I find myself recently, conversations land on the usual topics. From the increase in violence around us to the cost of living, lying politicians to other people’s health issue to climate change. I could feel the same hopelessness welling up that was prevalent in the faces around me. It’s big and overwhelming. Helplessness and hopelessness are very lethargic emotions, paralyzing even. Soon it sneaks into your psyche and you are depressed, be it subtle or unsubtle.
The danger is, we start to find all the flaws in others and every circumstance at hand as helpless spectators. Then we become experts on what everyone else needs to do to change the situation in their lives, if they’d only listen. We stop living our own life. We stop sharing our own life unfolding before us as we become uncommitted to the possibilities. Then we stop contributing what we can to make a difference. 
Whatever politicians say, doctors do, corporations control, if it sparks a voice in me, it’s my business to address the source. Otherwise this is not my business. 
If injustice, poverty and global warming spark the activist in me, this is my business.
If I put an equal amount of energy into the direction of my own aspirations, my own values, my own willingness to be present in the best possible way, I will set examples for my immediate world, no matter how small. This is my business.
If I apply compassion, understanding and self care to the depth and quality of my own life, I will ignite light and eradicate hopelessness. This is my business.
If I practice deep listening and loving speech I will nullify the negative effects of news and gossip that is not my business. This is my business.
If I count all of the conditions I have to be grateful for, I will set a loving template for a better way. This is my business.
Precious life, challenging life.. my business, not my business.
May your heart and your voice alway be connected,
x Gisele
The Mala making and meditation workshop
today is full. If you have not registered online or by email, I will try to do another in the new year. There has been a lot of interest.
Today is the last day for the mala sale. I hope you are able to take advantage if your will desires it.
until midnight tonight,
Nov. 24th
The retreats are filling. If Ireland or Italy calls your name, I hope you can listen. Visit Or click on the pictures below.
Of contemplation and nourishment from the sun and soil.
Le Marche, Italy
May 23 - 30, 2020
Experience the mindful and
mystic spirit of Ireland's west coast.
The Burren, Ireland
May 10 - 16, 2020
I would love to welcome you.

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