beauty in every breath

by 3 December 20, 2011

How deep do we have to look to see beauty?
how many wonders exist within our 1440 minutes each day?
How hard do we have to look to find a path to heart
or the rainbow of colour inside the silver lining.

Before the year comes to an end, I want to
t h a n k  y o u  d e e p l y
for being part of this beautiful world..
Whether you buy our work, share our stories or simply 
believe in what we're trying to do...
t h a n k   y o u  !  We couldn't exist without you.
We hope together we exercise the courage to change
anything that oppresses the amazing human spirit,
create a world of beauty and
spread that love.

Wishing you the grin of peace in every breath and that it be contagious wherever you go.

Merry Christmas

-  Gisele



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