another wish was granted

by 3 September 28, 2014

How is autumn unfolding for you? Here's hoping  you're getting everything you need to be fully present and with peace, purpose and a little extra time to simply be in awe. No matter what's happening around the world on a macro or micro scale, there is always enough beauty in the power of nature to nourish us. It's wonderful being back in the studio with my small but mighty team. We're converting the inspirations and teachings of my travels into creations. It's both fantastic and humbling.  I look forward to sharing more once they are actualized in 3D. Since this work keeps me in a constant state of gratitude, I decided to keep the Dream Out Loud project going. We have just granted another wish. Here was the request: Dear Gisele,
I have a dream wish for my daughter’s best friend.
Her name is Carolyn, she has just turned 19, is a very spiritual and talented young woman who played flute at my wedding on the beach in September.
Carolyn who will be entering her second year of university for music,  has just been diagnosed with cancer in her pelvic bones.  She is a child survivor of cancer. After 12 years a new cancer has been found. In her own terms, this one will be “life altering”.
The dream giveaway I would have for her is the  Book Of Life “ I AM” with the Pages of “Courage” and “Peace” ( my page) and possibly “My Own Miracles” to help her hope and be strong to fight.
Thank you Gisele and blessings to you.
Shari Schroeder Stubbs
Please join me in sending healing energy to Carolyn so she can return to her musical focus and whatever else is in her young heart. If you are touched here like I am, Carolyn has a blog on Caring Bridge for updates on the journey. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/carolynfelker ____________________________ We want to hear your stories. How the work has helped you and will continue to be a part of your journey – whatever your path. Let’s continue to walk together, strengthen and inspire each other and most importantly Dream Out Loud! Here’s how to participate: • Email us your wish along with your story of why the piece of jewelry inspires you and how it will enhance your life. Or… if it’s a wish for someone else, tell us what’s in your heart for them. • Send the item name or photo of your desired piece to: grace@tbds.org • The gift recipient and story will be announced in this mid-month museletter. • All the wishes remain in the heart bank from month to month, so you only need to send in once. DREAM OUT LOUD.   



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