Why not ask? | SALE on meditation rings

December 01, 2019

Why not ask? | SALE on meditation rings
What's your comfort zone with asking direction, or asking anything for that matter?


I was walking downtown this week to meet a friend and I wasn’t quite sure whether to turn left or right. My instinct was that I’d figure it out, then I decided to come out of my shell and ask someone. I recognized that this took a conscious effort. A simple task for some and not for others. When I am traveling with Daniela and there is an ounce of uncertainty with where we are going, she’ll not hesitate to ask someone, then on the next block, someone else, then on the next block someone else again. She says you have to ask more than one person for the best directions in life. I love that.


I know men often get a bad wrap for a stubbornness to ask, no matter how lost they are. I realized at this particular moment that asking strangers is not a natural comfort for me either, and I asked myself where this comes from? Am I shy, isolated in my own bubble, or not wanting to appear that I don’t know? I believe the latter to be a bit of a Canadianism.


Well, technically we don’t really have to ask, because most of us can search google maps. But aren’t we looking down and isolated in our phones enough already? When you ask someone there is an instant connection with community, your environment and the present moment. That is desperately missing in our world these days.


These little connections with strangers are simple yet hold powerful value, whether they last a couple of seconds or any number of minutes. They bring you in your body, engage you in the moment and feed life into the practice of being human. It’s very different than connections you have with people you know.


Engaging with strangers is not only a beneficial practice for the one asking but for others around. It creates an energetic fabric of belonging and isn't that medicine enough for our times.


I'm making a conscious effort of engaging with strangers these days, even when I have nothing to ask. Be it "how are you?" to a morning barista, smiling to a passerby or acknowledging their presence with a nod. It helps me feel the presence of the sun, even on these grey days. The blanket of kindness that has no ends keeps me warm too. If it is your norm to acknowledge strangers, you know what I mean. If it isn't, I'd love to water the seed and know what you experience. 😉


Peace begins with me. These are important words for these times. #meditation #meditationring #practice #mindfulliving #cultivatepeace #cultivatejoy
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Peace begins with me.
One moment at a time.
It's all about kindness.
Let go.
So incredibly loved.
Here we are in December already. With a glimpse into the a busy month ahead for so many, know we only live today.
Let there be a smile with your deepest breath.
Thanks for being here,
with love and a prayer,


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