what is your reason for being? | Irish sun

by Gisele Theriault May 05, 2019

what is your reason for being? | Irish sun

I hope this note finds you with plenty of internal sunshine. If not, there is some Irish sun coming your way, sealed in between these lines. Take three deep breaths and feel the fresh ocean air. The Irish sun is never assumed and always cherished. 

On the topic of retreats, a friend recently shared scientific research she found (brain scans incl. long term studies of individuals) comparing mindfulness/meditation practice in retreat settings confer more benefits than daily practice. If you take two individuals with identical lifetime hours of meditation practice, there are more lasting changes in people who have gone on retreats (brains and behaviour).  

Theory about why is that retreats are away from routine and environment. Schedules are not present. Retreats have some element of silent. In retreat settings people practice together. Retreats include a teacher that can provide instruction.

I have no question, I feel it on myself and see in others. The value of taking time to support and inspire ourselves, learn tools to cultivate joy and connect with nature are priceless. It is not a selfish act, on the contrary it gifts us the means to support the body, mind and spirit as well as others, especially when chaos occurs. 

If affording a retreat for time or money stops you, check local retreats, even for a weekend. Look into bursaries. I do one per retreat. Ask if there is a tier pricing structure, or a volunteer involvement. There are options and you are worth it. 



While revisiting notes I've contemplated using in previous retreats, I came across the ikigai exercise. I was introduced to it here in Ireland and had a lot of fun with it. The Ikigai is a Japanese formula to help you understand your reason for being, your sense of joy. Sometimes seeing our passions and strengths laid out in this way can help us move into deeper fulfillment of what is present and/or change what is not working. Although I think this formula was created for better work potential or performance, it can easily be applied to one's life journey at large. And it's enjoyable. 

I'd recommend that you create your own. Draw the circles (use a glass if you have too, although imperfect circles are pretty perfect too) and handwrite everything. It will help you own it. Let me know how it goes if you do it. Love to hear how it is for you.

Until the next time.. 
with love, a four leaf clover and a smile


ps. If there are typos, I'll blame it on jet lag;-)

Gisele Theriault
Gisele Theriault


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