this too shall pass | a holiday sale

December 14, 2020

this too shall pass |  a holiday sale
The saying this too shall pass is without doubt my refuge to cope with the intensity and demands of these times. It's been a tried and true ally. The practice of finding comfort in impermanence for the painful parts of our lives also shines light on really appreciating all the gifts that life also gives us, for it too is impermanent.
This week my mother would have turned 100. She lived to a ripe old age of 92, which is a lot of spins around the sun. When I returned from India I was inspired to write a book for the family on this woman we called Mother. There are still seven living children and all have children, even children’s children. Yet every one of us seemed to have a different experience and opinion of who this woman was and how she was. You could swear we weren’t raised in the same family. So fascinating. 

The journey these last few months of unravelling beliefs and gathering stories and photos has left me in awe of the complexity of being human, regardless of how simple and humble you aim to be. The stories we hang onto are the colour palate through which we see the world. They are the foundation of our courage or our fears. It all makes the nature of impermanence something I want to keep very close to my heart. In it lies wisdoms that are only present in the moment, to love deeply and let go of attachment to anything else. For all this too shall pass.

Creating this book has not only helped me unfold some of the mysteries of my mother, but whom she touched, directly or indirectly. It also helped me understand my family better, or as Daniela would say, my village. Even the idiosyncrasies that make up the one I see in the mirror are better understood. I highly recommend such a project, if the practice of this type of self inquiry arises. That being said, prepare that it will be much bigger than you imagine.

The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind is mother.  Kahil Gibran.


While diving into yesteryears and times gone, I was also being very aware of the comfort that comes with acknowledging these troubling times everyone is going through will also pass. Last month a client came to the studio to pick up something, and on the fourth time I responded with 'this too shall pass', she asked if I have that written on anything. When I realized that I hadn't, it became a must.

The process took a few weeks and we are expecting to finish our first batch by the end of the week. We created the malas in lava, which is not only a grounding stone, but it's porousness allows you to put a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil in and enjoy the soothing benefits of it as well. We also incorporated shungite to shield electromagnetic frequencies. The mantra beads are being created in silver, copper and brass. The malas can be worn alone or stacked.

There is more details on the website. Visit or click on any of the pictures below.

With the excitement of the new wrist mala, we decided to have one last SITE WIDE HOLIDAY SALE. We will do our very best to help you get your items before the holidays. Curbside pick up is available for those in the Toronto vicinity.

I have a request for these very strange and uncertain times. If you like what we offer to the world, can you please, please, please share our letters or website to those you think would appreciate it. It will help us and therefore support us to help others. Thanks in advance.

AND BTW*** We have just made changes to our website and you can now choose to pay in your currency CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD . Just look for the banner at the very top of the screen, or it can also be found at the very bottom of our website pages. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

From Toronto with love, a lotus and a smile,


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