put love in what you do

by Gisele Theriault September 29, 2019

Put love in what you do. Whatever you do, wherever you are. The intense times we live in these days keep us on the edge with our feelers in search of safety and belonging. In a world currently run by crazy politicians, greed and capitalist growth is throwing industry into dangerous heights and destroying the health of the planet and the intrinsic beauty of humanity.

With contradictions happening everywhere around us and even in us, there is all the more reason to put love into what we do, how we see the opportunity of another moment, another encounter, another unfolding. Live your truth and seal it with love. A love that influences a fuller breath, a desire for understanding, a compassionate eye and a curious mind.

We don’t have control of what happens around us and even for us, but we do have control over how we process whatever happens. Keep love in the mix. It’s the most powerful ingredient for a mindful presence.

There has been many opportunities on this Camino pilgrimage to reflect on this. When the body feels tired, hot and broken and there are two hours more to walk without shade, guess where the mind reflexes to? Yup, usually “what the f… were you thinking?” When I bring the situation to the heart, the result always ends in gratitude for whatever unfolds. Gratitude for the teaching, for the practice, for the love of wrestling with another opportunity or for simply seeing this very moment as precious. Bring love to all you do. Life is too short for less.

Here are some moments of our Camino Via de la Plata pilgrimage. So far we have walked 250 of the 1050 km. Proud of us.

Each day we walk for those who can’t, until we are done or can’t.

With love, a lotus and a smile


P.S Italy retreat info is coming soon. ☺️ So very excited to share... soon!

PPS. Apologies for the Facebook link not working in the last newsletter. If you want to follow this pilgrimage, I do posts on Facebook and Instagram daily: www.facebook.com/mindfulnecessities and www.instagram.com/tbds_mindful_necessities

Gisele Theriault
Gisele Theriault


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