Irreplaceable gift of solitude

by Gisele Theriault June 18, 2018

Irreplaceable gift of solitude

At the end of another hectic week of settling the new business location and detailing simplification seemed like anything but simple. It reminded me of many artistic adventures I had over the years, where the simplest designs that looked as if they were obvious all along, were often the hardest to arrive at.  Remembering this helped me be patient. It helped me be kind to myself and the process. It mostly reminded me to pause and step back from life's canvas I'm painting and reflect on whether I really want to add that next layer or take one away. Reflecting will mold our life. Not reflecting lets circumstance and the world around us mold our life. 

I think that one of the most valuable and effective ways to reflect is in gifting ourselves a little conscious solitude with no big agenda. Time where we can be immersed with being and not doing, be with nature that gives much and demands little. This solitude time doesn't have to be a long time, although it can be if that's what you need.:) It might be a simple daily meditation practice. It might be a cup of tea and a book to nourish you or write in. Solitude can be a profound training or a tender love with who we were born as and who we are becoming. 

If you are like me, you feel the weight of people's suffering. It's inescapable and it's everywhere. We are living in times of tremendous stress that isn't going to change anytime soon, but we can.   We can dedicate time daily to practice befriending our unique life with a little solitude and embrace the values of our heart or listen to what troubles it.  
My own practice has made me a firm believer that this makes us not only happier but more peaceful and purposeful in the world.  Solitude and silence create strength and courage. When we learn to love and understand ourselves, we are much better equipped to love and understand others.


Such joy in the planning.  Meditative | Experiential | Retreats, Ireland  2019. 
The dates are
May 12th - 18th and September 1st - 7th
If you would like to join a small group of people on a week of nurturing your inner peace amidst the tranquil and tantalizing landscape of the Burren region of County Clare, email me and I'll send you what you need. 


This was the ultimate retreat! The perfect amount of doing and non-doing, inner reflection and connection. So much care, compassion and joy right down to the finest of details. Gisele has curated the most gorgeous experience - Yoga with exquisite teachers (for absolute beginner or advanced practitioner), nutrious and delicious food morning noon and night, creative projects that ended in beautiful and wearable art..made from the heart, laughter...and the beauty and charm of the Burren. I could not recommend this retreat any higher - it made my soul happy!~    Angela Warburton 


FYI.. 20% OFF everything in our store ends at midnight on summer solstice, Thursday, June 21st. 

There are 3 of the best travel meditation cushions you'll ever find left.

Practice spinning one moment at a time..

Tap into the strength of solitude and be still and know.  

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e n d s   J u n e   2 1  
; - )



Wishing you a spectacular week.. with love, a lotus and a smile,



Gisele Theriault
Gisele Theriault


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