Hot and happy.. u p d a t e

by 3 July 11, 2011

hello Dear friends and supporters,
firstly thank you and know that I support you too;-)

Woohoooo, it Muskoka Arts and Crafts Showtime this weekend
Friday, July 15th to Sunday 17th. I LOVE this show and the time I get to spend
with some of you. Sad that Lee Bernstein has to be in LA but hope the rest of you
find your way to Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge and share of your year so far.
for more info..
Becca and I will be in the usual spot #78 (I think) lol

We'll be newly displaying the Book of Life Collection
oh so fun..

From the New Year retreat in Plum Village, France with
the extraordinary teacher of peace Thich Nhat Hanh
birthed the touchstone seals of Thich Nhat Hanh's original calligraphy.
The development and approval process has been beautiful and they're finally
licensed and blessed to be released.
Not yet on the website.. come see, come share, come feel.


get a sneak peek of the heart rock pendants.
to come in the fall.

Monday after the show the tide will take me to India for three weeks
to work on a special project with Keep A Child Alive.
With tremendous honor, I promise to blog about it when I return.

Oh summer blooms, do stay..

hope to see you,



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