by Gisele Theriault January 20, 2018


Hello hello,

It’s been a few weeks since I had a chance to write. Sheesh! Time does indeed seem to fly.

I’m traveling at the moment during which time reflecting is paramount. Something that I’m asking myself and pose to you too is: are you feeling pulled by what’s in your heart and unfolding or pushed by your world? These are questions only we can answer but definitely worth contemplation.

Having been an entrepreneur of multiple businesses, a mother and a student simultaneously I know what it’s like to be driven passionately. The more committed I’d be to a project or a cause,  I’d take on more responsibility or more people under my loving wing. Although I would not trade one moment of this past, I learned that if we don’t take adequate time to properly rest and reflect as well, we get sick.

Although I am healthy now, since getting sick a few years ago, I’ve been making many changes in my life both professionally and personally within the reflection and observation of knowing how much is too much. I’ve been tweaking this on a monthly, weekly and sometimes it even feels like it necessitates hourly adjustments. I’m asking myself the constant question for everything that presents itself. Is it in my heart and am I drawn toward it like a beacon of light or am I embarking upon it feeling pushed? The energetic difference between these two are profound.

2018 has become dedicated to experience, practice and presence. Though research and personal retreats in India, Europe and North America, I hope to experience more mindful ways, deep knowledge and wisdom to add to my Ireland retreats. The only way we can be kinder to the world we live in is to practice being compassionate and kind to ourselves first. Taking time away from the worlds we know to focus on this practice in retreats, returns us home more wholesome and with a greater capacity to be fully present with what unfolds.

And yes, I am working on another retreat in Italy for 2019, God willing. Let me know if an Italy retreat ignites a calling for you.


April 29 - May 5, 2018 or Aug 19 - Aug 25, 2018


One spot became freed for the April retreat and are still 2 spots for August. If you want to know more, visit:

Here is what one recent guest had to say:

This was the ultimate retreat! The perfect amount of doing and non-doing, inner reflection and connection. So much care, compassion and joy right down to the finest of details. Gisele has curated the most gorgeous experience - Yoga with exquisite teachers (for absolute beginner or advanced practitioner), nutrious and delicious food morning noon and night, creative projects that ended in beautiful and wearable art..made from the heart, laughter...and the beauty and charm of the Burren. I could not recommend this retreat any higher - it made my soul happy!

Angela Warburton


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From Mother India I send you love, a lotus and a smile.


Gisele Theriault
Gisele Theriault


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