Chapter 3 calling..

March 01, 2012

It's that time of year again 
when we ask you for an important page in your 
Book of Life..

Contest deadline for the nine new pages of 2012
Saturday, March 31st midnight.

The Barber's Daughters 'Book of Life' collection was launched in 2010
with 9 pages and a promise of 9 more each year.
It's that time again and your call;-)
Create your own story~
Choose pages that mark your greatest joy,
pages to draw strength from, or tenderness, kindness
or courage and reflect the life you want to live.

If we pick your words, you will be gifted with the page in silver, personalized.
Add your suggestions to comments at the bottom of this blog or
email them to

FYI- Each page suggestion must coordinate with the book covers-
ie: I am.. the dream, 
          I dream.. the dream, 
           I breathe.. the dream.

The existing pages are: living deeply, forever curious, the dream,
what I am, with love, with you, gratitude, tolerance, my own miracle,
compassion in action, dancing my dream awake, with faith, because 
of you, of meaning and purpose, the change, without regret, free, 
the courage to love.

sending love 'deeply'
 good luck


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