Behind the scene..

March 26, 2012

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in our studio to see who
creates what you wear and what the energy really feels like?

Come on a journey..
Let me introduce you to my awesome team that help me bring
beauty, peace and wisdom to you in the highest light..

The alleys behind our studio in Toronto have the most 
beautiful and vibrant graffiti art. A favorite spot for film and 
print alike.

With an engraver that operates at 400,000 rpm, success demands
breathing with intention.
"As I breathe in I'm aware that I am breathing in.." as these words
sink into the silver.. "As I breathe out I smile to that breath."

Katie and Brusky on the alley prowl.. 

Katie, who we call operations manager is also the face behind 
the hugging voice you meet. She's a creative force for how the 
web looks and is a massively caring gift to us all.

Brusky, well.. is the best 4 legged mail delivery in town,
..not just a lovefest.

Urban peace makers.. I pray for you

Finishing details on the charity bracelet.

Jacobson makes our technical world seem easy and digestible.

Thank you Sir Jacob..
Patrycja.. always a joy.

Patrycja has the precision of an surgeon, the care of an angel and
and curiosity to unravel any creative challenge.

Becca has been part of TBDs since the first seeds were planted
of the importance for this work in these times. Her dedication
and humor keep us in the moment and the heart.
Finishing touches of the rose quartz mala. the gem for heart opening.

Becca's in heaven when she's around a buffet of gems for the malas..
Om mani padme hum.

Meet the TBDs team dedicated to creating wearable elements of personal peace.

Often my young grandson's voice echos in my head of when I ask him
"how lucky are we?" his reply always "Ohhh, so lucky GG!"

Love to to you, 
in gratitude 

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