Becoming a Thanadoula

by 3 November 14, 2011

Graduation Day;-)

Studying Contemplative End Of Life Care
may be viewed as an odd choice for a busy jewellery designer,
Our aim with the jewellery is to provide beautiful inspirational tools
that can guide us out of our head and into the heart.
 There's an extraordinary courageous dance of joy 
and suffering in the heartful people I meet. Their courage to live
vulnerably. For this I wish to embrace and forever deepen 
my understanding.

Studying with the prolific Dr Michele Chaban and facilitators
Mona and Marco at the Institute of Traditional Medicine was one of the
most beautiful, heart warming, heart breaking things I've ever done. 
A path of caring for the dying and their relations in a time 
when medicine can prolong our lives but not control the suffering. 
Why should we view our exit from this life be so different than our entrance, 
when they're both natural and definite? 
Imagine a world where people could talk freely about dying,
suffering, choices and not have to worry about making other
people uncomfortable.. would we not live deeper and closer
to love and our life?

Let these teachings spread far and wide to assist fruitfully those that we love.
Amazing people.. I'd be honored to have any one at my bedside.

love~ always

Love is life believing in itself.



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