B-b-boundaries | 2020 Ireland Retreat dates are set

I hope you got to enjoy a little sunshine as we deservingly have in Toronto lately. This week I came to realize that I am very poorly versed on boundaries. A situation arose around boundaries that was extremely painful and left me questioning many things, including how a dedicated mindful practitioner could feel so inept and unprepared.
I think my belief system felt that boundaries exist naturally and with a sense of grace they let themselves be known and that I would intuit other's boundaries also organically. However, this was not the case. Perhaps if I created better boundaries, I'd be more quickly attuned to someone else's.
How are you with boundaries? I did a little bit of research and came across a pretty simple article in Mind Body Green worth sharing.
I will for certain spend more time on this subject as I think what I went through is by no means unique to me. If this strikes a chord for you, please share. Exploring more healthy ways to create and embrace boundaries as a community will bear even sweeter fruit.
xo G
Mindful Meditative Experience
The retreat dates have been set for 2020
Once again we’ll get to weave wonder in the awe inspiring fertile landscape. These are two of my favourite experiential weeks of the year to share. We find new eyes and balance through practice, community, creativity and exploration in a mystic land. We expand our lens both outwardly inspiring
and inwardly nourishing. Join me?

Take advantage of an early bird registration and
enjoy 10% off while spots last.
Early bird registration ends July 15th.
SPRING - May 10 - 16
SUMMER - August 9 - 15
There are two spots left for the Haelan Retreat this September.
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Wishing you love this moment,
right where you are,

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