Are you hard on yourself?

These days in Italy looking for the ideal retreat space has been humbling in the best way. Keeping us in awe for Mother Earth’s magnificence and the cacophony of vegetation supported by the sun. We found a peaceful paradise here, even in August. From the lush rolling hills of vineyards and olive orchards to stumbling upon one fabulous historic village to another, with of course fabulous cuisine. It’s been a nourishing trip.

I even had the opportunity for a little healing with my shadow side. While doing yoga outside one morning in this paradise I had a clear and honest glimpse of a part of me I’d rather not own. I was being very unkind to myself. I couldn’t shake the agitation in my body. I felt critical on everything from my capacity of breath to my movements to how slowly I could pick up the language that I desperately want to learn. Impatience was coursing through my veins.

To go out of the way to be generous understanding and compassionate for others, then see yourself falling desperately short of these qualities inwardly was an extra ouch. It made my heart sad for I see the violence of these critical views.

To take a step back and see these erratic emotions in action as a witness helped me to loosen its grip more quickly, laugh and eventually hug even myself.

Why do we do this? I say we because I have met far more people that are critical on themselves then those that are examples of self compassion.

Stepping back with objectivity already lightens the burden of this critical thinking. Through a wider lens there is a glimpse of grace and we can’t live a single minute without the cooperation of grace. The stronger the ego or sense of control we think we have, the greater the separation from grace.

Grace is like the sunlight. Even when you don’t see it, you know it’s there and it heals and supports all life.

Source out this grace and surrender to it in whatever form it appears. Smile, bow to it, laugh, dance and embrace it deeply. Even intimately ask it to hold your darkest shadow when you can’t. Life is short and full of possibilities.


On the note of retreat possibilities, I’m working on details for an amazing venue for late Spring of 2020. Mark your calendar and stay tuned.

The Ireland retreat for May, 2020 is half full, visit the link below to learn more.

Tomorrow I head to Ireland to meet Michele and the guests for the Haelan Retreat. I am excited and tremendously grateful for the opportunity.
Seeking balance
Seeking grace
Seeking laughter

From Assisi with love, a lotus and a smile


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