Announcing.. Book of Life's new 9 pages

April 05, 2011

That was a tough call. There were over 250 beautiful entries.
Thank you all for taking the time. Decisions were made by repetition of themes,
then best fit to the collection.

If we've used your words, email us the spelling of your name
and your mailing address. Congrats!

Here are the 9 new pages as they would read within each book title.

I AM ..dancing my dream awake
I AM ..without regrets
I AM ..the change
I AM ..because of you
I AM ..the courage to love
I AM ..with faith
I AM ..compassion in action
I AM ..of meaning and purpose

I BREATHE ..dancing my dream awake
I BREATHE ..without regrets
I BREATHE ..the change
I BREATHE ..because of you
I BREATHE ..the courage to love
I BREATHE ..with faith
I BREATHE ..compassion in action
I BREATHE ..of meaning and purpose

I DREAM ..dancing my dream awake
I DREAM ..without regrets
I DREAM ..the change
I DREAM ..because of you
I DREAM ..the courage to love
I DREAM ..with faith
I DREAM ..compassion in action
I DREAM ..of meaning and purpose

I hope the new collection of pages will help add depth and color to your story.
It will take us about 2 weeks to create our first batch, if you want to
be on the first run, reserve your pages at..

with love

I remain committed to illuminating the beauty I see in all the people I meet.

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