Acts of love...

by 3 January 13, 2012

In this Month of Gratitude, 
acts of love are born...

Every day from Jan 14 to Feb 14 
I invite you to join me in sharing one daily, 
random act of kindness on our Facebook page.
These stories are a gift to others no matter how big
or small and although sharing these stories with each 
other will be the best gift..  On Feb 14
I will gift a macro sterling silver heart rock
from our Share a Heart Collection,
to one random writer.

These acts may be to call a friend you know
has the blues, giving a a single flower to a stranger 
on the street, making broth for someone who is sick
holding a door for someone with a load or picking up 
litter for a block on your way to work. 
The choice is yours.

These random acts of love will not only liberate joy
and beauty in the world around us but reignite the
love affair within.

Join me? 
feel free to invite your friends;-)

for the love of loving ~  Gisele
to see the Share a Heart collection.. visit

(At day 3 after talking to some people that asked if they could use an alias name or talk about someone else's
act of kindness to not seem boastful.. This exercise is not about the 'I', it's about creating a blanket of care for others
and what an immense gift that is for ourselves. We are connected !)



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