A unique testimonial

May 26, 2019

I hope this note finds you with a cup of your favourite beverage and time dedicated to rest or joyfully doing what you love. I want to share the most unique testimonial I've ever received for the retreat experiences. This poem expresses the week so well. Thank you Kim for this smile. It's my favourite habit to wear.
In Orchard House in Ballyvaughn
In Orchard House in Ballyvaughn 
eleven pilgrims gather round.
Each one called in their own way
to retreat, reflect, nourish and play.
A circle formed, Gisele is the heart,
new friends found, each one a part
of a magical fellowship about to begin 
as we all breathe together and settle in.
Six full days, time stands still
as every moment is lived to it’s fill.
Restorative yoga with Helga and Jack,
guitar and song pull us back
to our bodies and breath, we are one
leaning on each other difficult poses are done.
Contemplative walks on the Burren and shore,
heart shaped rocks appear galore.
Creativity inspired by paint and design 
as pictures appear and rings so fine.
Barry’s vision quest to go within,
insights found, new journeys begin.
Foraging with David, food beautifully prepared,
in celebration meals are shared.
Each day begun with meditation and intent
ending with crystal bowl vibrations, the day is spent.
And as the retreat comes to a close
we come together in communal repose.
Bags packed and ready to depart 
we take each other with us, carried in our hearts.
Kim Hilliard,
May Retreat Ireland, 2019

Oh Ireland!
The Haelan Retreat for Sept 1 - 7 is filling. If you are called for a little 'you' time in an nourishing experience that you'll not forget, there is no better place and time. Join me at gisele@tbds.org
For more information, visit:
Spin your worries away
Today while preparing inventory for A Mindful Society conference, I was reminded of how much I love these rings, how they feel and how they teach me calm my inner world by connecting me to my breath.
The spinner rings may say "peace begins with me", "one moment at a time". "it's all about happiness", or "let go".


If you can't decide what to clothe your body with today, begin with a smile.
love to you, Gisele

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