A fertile expression of love | Retreat begins

August 12, 2018

A fertile expression of love | Retreat begins

The Ireland summer retreat starts one week from today. Yeah!! After the extreme heat in many parts of Europe and North America, an average 19-24C is very very welcomed.

It is important to imagine time to nurture the self.. body, mind and spirit, in whatever way available to you. Even if it's blocking a few days to step out of your familiar environment and patterns and be still. Be away from family and work colleagues, practice silence or fast to rest your organs. Reset, reset reset.. whatever it takes and in as many ways as possible. I am a firm believer that creating strength of your happiness muscle in your stored consciousness for future access will benefit your longevity.

During the Ireland retreat we work with the unique mystic encounter that lives in the land in as many ways as possible.  Each morning meditation is accompanied with crystal singing bowls along with the invite of the morning doves and the cardinals. Throughout the week we gently exercise the body with yoga tailored to us as a group, we explore the fertile landscape and it's sacred sites, we feast, we create, reflect, share with one another, enjoy noble silence and feast again.  Mostly along the way sharpen the tools of mindful practice to take us back into the world we live. 

My directive is to create an environment that allows us to unravel built up stresses and enjoy the preciousness of being. Isn't it extraordinary how easy it is to forget that the essence of simply being fortifies our ability of doing? Can you imagine yourself when you were five years old? Can you embrace her again and approach every experience with the innocent curiosity you had then?

For the opportunity of this invite I remain grateful.

If gratitude is the highest expression of love.
What greater practice than to overflow with a sense of such grace.

No boundaries, restrictions, judgement, or requirements.

Simply an offering from one’s awareness of the preciousness of life,
The moment we can be fully present, we also see deeply the tenderness
And fragility of the nature that we are and belong to.

Thank you for the eyes that help me navigate my way,
Thank you for the ears that I may hear song or the whisper of a child,
Thank you for the mouth that I may taste the nectar of the earth and 
Thank you for the voice that I may shout gratitude for all that you are in me.

With love, a bow and oh so much gratitude,


PS Although this Ireland retreat is full, there is space in the 2019 dates.

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