What's up for the Holidays

by 3 November 15, 2012

Wow, Vancouver is a glorious piece of heaven.
Being back with the team in our Toronto studio 
for the final leg of Holiday production is just as sweet-)

Thanks for being part of a beautiful year. Even in a soft economy,
I've never felt a greater purpose in any creative endeavor.

The One of a Kind Show in Toronto starts next week:
Do you believe it? Did the year go by like a minute for you?
A mindful minute of course.

Thurs Nov. 22 - Sun Dec. 2
Direct Energy Centre
We are BOOTH Y48

Our Studio Gallery at 688 Richmond St. West 
is OPEN this Saturday, Nov 17th 11 - 6 
then CLOSED until Thurs Dec 6.

Here's a taste of what we have in store for the season.
In the nature of being handmade, while supplies last..

Just finishing the Prayer Rings.. Imagine spinning the messages:
'peace begins with me..' and/or 'one moment at a time..' on your finger.
What do you think will happen?

Katie's gone into perma-grin Heaven from the gemstone malas.
  Don't forget to ask me about the Abacus Mala.
Banglemania has grown again.. More pages and symbols to expand  
your story. With the same additions added to the 
Book of Life Collection;-)

 Share a Heart Collection was made into bracelets and we created
medicinal copper hearts to these and the necklaces.
 Still honoring Keep A Child Alive with the Inukshuk Dog Tags.
Outer plate shares words of Gandhi 'The best way to find yourself
is to lose yourself in the service of others.' Inner plate is personalized
with whatever you want it to say.

Vitality bracelets.. an opportunity to wrap your wrist with message,
symbols and gems. Component prices 20. - 105.

If you plan to be in Toronto and you have the opp to come to the OOAK, check hours and details at: 

Save your admission receipt and we'll refund it with any purchase over 150.  

For Holiday shopping online, we have
FREE standard shipping until Nov 30 on purchases over 150.
Use coupon code TBDSOOAK12.

I hope this note finds you feeling your joy.. your courage and
your compassion.

Thank you again for being here and being you.




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