rejoicing in coming unglued | SALE time

November 15, 2020

rejoicing in coming unglued | SALE time
Thank you to all that reached out this last week over my eye injury. I am happy to report the incredible joy of becoming unstuck. Since Wednesday, the eye has opened, all the chunks of glue in my eyelashes released and my vision was back to normal. I'm seeing the world through two good eyes. Over the last few days, I have thought of so many friends that had eye challenges, including my beautiful sister Dianna that had to live under a patch for 2+ years until just this week. I will never underestimate the magnitude of vision. Thank you everyone for the love, support and distraction. 


Should you, heaven forbid, ever reach for the eye drops and end up with super glue. Contact me.. I have learned a few good survival tips.


Love everyone 😘 
Thank all that helped you through it 😍
Laugh as much as possible at the impossible that just happened 😂 
Forgive yourself 🥰
Remind yourself of how strong you are💪🏽
Curse as much as necessary for relief🤬
Pray like you’ve never prayed before 🙏🏼📿
Give thanks to the teachings and impermanence 🧘🏼‍♀️


Now that I can create again and the holidays are around the corner, let the fun begin! It's not the year for displaying our work, so we will do our best with our online store and social media. For any special request, feel free to email me and we'll see what we can do.I just photographed a beautiful collection of meditation rings we made for display pre-Covid.

Since they will not serve anyone just sitting in the safe, we put them on sale.20 - 40% off, Now they are awaiting their new homes. Also, to rejoice in two good eyes, there will be 10% off all mindful product in our online store until midnight Sunday, November 22nd. And shipping is always free on orders over $150.

It's very possible that holiday shipping will be extra backlogged this year with the pandemic not going away any time soon. So please don't wait until the last minute. And yes, for those who know me well, I am verbalizing this for me too. ;-)))

Wishing you everything you need to be happy and healthy, inspired and with purpose.

Stay blessed and stay in touch.

Tourmaline.. inspired confidence & balance mala
Share a heart collection of solid sterling, bronze or copper
X - commits one to be wide awake and fully present

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