Nuggets of the last days in India

by Gisele Theriault March 04, 2018

Nuggets of the last days in India

This will be my last note from India before I start my return back to the west.

We arrived late last night back to Rishikesh from our sojourn further up the Himalayas to Dharamsala. We flew up and had a driver to take us down. It’s a 10 - 14 hour drive that I was looking forward to ..with a little trepidation. When the driver showed up and told us he had just arrived, hadn’t slept for 20 hours and was very tired, my mind had a fantastic wrestle with agitation. Hmm.. let’s analyze the texture of fear. I felt every dangerous sharp turn on the mountain without a guard rail, which was most, connected to my heart that found itself in my throat.  

After the first couple of hours of steep cliffs and mindful practice I did manage to relax and trust once again that nothing will take my life before or after my time to depart and trusted the driver to deliver us safely. Although truthfully there was no time to be nervous. We had google maps on our smart phones which seemed to appoint us as the navigators. This was one time you don’t want to lengthen your trip by ending up on wrong roads so it held my attention. When not navigating we were making sure our driver was hydrated and nourished. However besides being tired our poor driver got food poisoning and pulled over often to lose his stomach. Did this slow his driving down? Not so much.  So as navigators and babysitters in a crazy ass 14 hour drive down the mountain, I’ve never wanted to kiss the ground as much as the moment we arrived at our destination. The comfort in the familiar bed that awaited us was also like heaven itself.

While in Dharmasala we got to witness a spectacular ceremony of hundreds of Tibetan nuns presenting the Dalai Lama with offerings commencing his lifetime of service. There was a sea of monks and nuns and thousands of people from the Tibetan community in their best regalia as well as westerners from around the world. I felt very privileged to be be amidst the crowd and feel such love.

The next day I was speaking with this beautiful Tibetan doctor. I was talking to her about how much I loved the energy of the Tibetan Community and how compassionate a people they are. Her comment was “what makes the Tibetan people who they are is the fortune of having a High Lama like the Dalai Lama as their guide.

I felt her words very deeply. It made me realize again, that whatever our faith, spiritual practice or belief system is, to have a mentor, teacher or guru in our life will change our life.

My take away and offering is to stay firm with self enquiry in the unfolding of your days and minutes. It’s not what happens to you that count as much as how you translate it. The more you understand the depth of your well and qualities of your water the less you will thirst. Find a teacher that will remind you of your highest virtues and values to set your life free. If you have one, give thanks.

As much as I am grateful for feeling embraced in other countries and cultures, I feel equally blessed to call the majestic land of Canada and all her offerings home.

I’m excited to be back in Mindful Necessities doings, feel the energy of our beautiful product, be on a north american time zone (for those who have been patient awaiting my response) and super psyched with the unfolding details for the Ireland trip.

Plus I'm homebound in time to meet my daughter Gala’s new baby. How special is that? ;-)))


Wishing you a glorious week. Until the next time, I send love and appreciation for every breath.




Gisele Theriault
Gisele Theriault


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