Auspicious times, exactly where we are

by Gisele Theriault March 03, 2019

Auspicious times, exactly where we are

In the spirit of life I was pondering the notion of turning 60 this year and realized that more significant than turning 60 is being 59 and born in 1959. How auspiciously delightful. Being as old as the year you were born will happen only once in your life, if you are lucky.

After a brush with death as a child I would recognize a new day as another gift. I lost most of my memory of the years before the accident and learning became and still is a challenge but I seemed to have been bestowed guardians of light that have since been with me. No matter the circumstance I never felt alone but accompanied by a presence with a Universal wisdom that keeps me safe and exactly where I’m supposed to be. Whether I’ve chosen it or not, I totally trust it.

Along life’s wild and glorious journey I never imagined living to 50 and here I am a 1959er enjoying being 59 and committed to showing up with fierce heart wherever and for however long.

How extraordinary that we are given the grace to witness the sun rising in a morning or kiss the horizon at dusk.

To share this pulsing planet with so many extraordinary living creatures, two legged, four legged, winged ones and finned.

From the waters that we are to the flowing streams on the mountain tops to the rivers, lakes and oceans.

For the spirit of the mineral kingdom that holds the memory of all time to the magnificence of vegetation from the soul of the soil. Bonsai to redwood, dandelions to lotuses, moss to heather, rice to passion fruit.

For the opportunity to support, love and nurture life from sister/brotherhood to parenthood of any nature.

For the challenges we endure that teach us, there is so much to embrace.

At any age there is not one of us that can assume that we will awaken the next day or what’s before us. But in this very moment we can all be still with our breath.  As It synchronizes with the pulse of nature we can remind ourselves that we are beyond enough to co-create with unfolding miracles. How auspicious is that?



Some people have reached out on our safety with the recent attacks and threat of war between India and Pakistan. Thank you. We are ok.

There is a heightened awareness of the threats but people seem not to be governed by fear. The day after the attack last Tuesday that killed 40 security men near Kashmir in an explosion all the stores and restaurants here in Rishikesh remained closed until mid afternoon on the Wednesday to honour those who lost their lives. It was a beautiful display of solidarity and compassion for life.

Everywhere the world is in an intense state with warped and corrupt leaders, wars, displaced people, starvation, corporate greed that benefits so few yet leaves a vast wake of suffering to masses of people and the planet. These thoughts make me feel very sick in my soul for us all.

It also splits my heart wide open and for that I’m grateful. What I’ve learned in my years to date is the heart is the true precious dwelling for the present moment. Even in its pain there is awareness, wonder, curiosity for understanding, fierce compassion and kindness.

From this wide open and naked heart, I send love, a lotus and a smile,



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Gisele Theriault
Gisele Theriault


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